Canon EOS 60D [official]

My first video with my new material. A surfing day in the winter, joined two friends for a well spent day at the beach. Shot just for fun and training.

Some points worth mentioning:
- Shot & edited in 24h (auto limited myself for "self-pressure")

- The horizon is not straight in most shots... although I must better myself in this area, I don't have a viewfinder or did I had any shadow over the lcd. Very bright day. That means I hardly could see anything I was shooting apart from a slight framing notion. A viewfinder will probably help me when I can get myself one.

- The video is extremely shaky. It was all shot handheld, with a manual lens without IE. Very important to get a shoulder rig or a stabilizer of some sort, top priority! (probably together with the viewfinder). Could unshake a bit in AE, but had to cut a lot on the margins, not worthy for this small practice project. (if anyone knows of a simple efficient way to reduce shaking, I'm all ears!)

- It was all recorded without acting, on a documentary style (just shooting action as time passed by). It was edited more on a fiction storytelling style, for fun.

Shot & edited with:
- Canon 60D
- Olympus Zuiko 28mm F/2.8
- L.C.W Variable ND filter
- FCP & AE
- Magic Bullet Looks

Thank you guys for a relaxing winter escape at the beach! =)


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