Canon EOS 6D

Boracay hosts an annual beach ultimate frisbee tournament called Boracay Open International Beach Ultimate Championship that has quickly garnered the attention of many flatball fanatics abroad.

When I moved to Asia to work and travel, I was determined to get myself out to Boracay for this tournament. Everyone I met who ever went to this tournament could not express how incredibly amazing the experience is. There was no way I would miss out. So, in it's 12th instalment, I got myself a team and went to play in my first ever beach ultimate frisbee tournament. Good friends, good peeps, amazing backdrop.

If you love flatball then you have to get yourself out to Boracay for this tournament. Even friends from back home in Toronto came together with a team and flew out to the Philippines for this one, and I can assure you they only have positive things to say.

Enjoy the video postcard - it's meant for friends and family who bother to keep up with where I am in the world and what I've been doing.

The video was filmed on a Canon 6D with the 24-105 f/4 L lens and the GoPro HD Hero 3 Black camera.

Part 1) Intro segment (airport and airplane scenes) - Onra - Introduction
Part 2) Boracay scenes - Blouse - Into Black


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