7DPRO [Canon EOS 7D]

The first single from White Pony´s new album. Down At Jimmies Feat Miss Freja Loeb. myspace.com/whiteponynights... Get it on Itunes NOW!...

Shot, Edited and Directed by Simon Weyhe

This low budget video, was shot on 5Dmkll, using a canon 50 mm - canon 16-35 mm - canon 24-70 mm and a lens baby. i used a cheap tripod, a home made dolly, two 500 watts spot lights and a disco ball.

For the timelapse i wished i had seen Philip bloom´s article on the making, of his timelapse short film "sky". philipbloom.co.uk/2010/01/24/sky/

All locations are in downtown Copenhagen.

For the street shots we used a trailer that was pulled behind a car and for the water shots we where onboard a big home made raft.

It was crazy cold and we where super lucky with the weather cause the day after we where on the water. The temperature went to minus 7 degrees and so far it´s been the coldest winter for something like 17 years. So we got lucky once again... Thanks.

j vimeo.com/9182400

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