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Encounters Promo

Concept: Build a present day story loosely based on Saul's unexpected encounter in Acts 9:3 with no dialogue but only a moving music bed. The film was segmented into 3 parts and aired on a biweekly interval starting with the last segment and working their way backward in time to the first segment.

This is the final composition of all 3 segments.
Second Segment -
First Segment -

Niki Caligiuri - Exec Producer, DP, Editor
Hector Gonzalez - Producer, Acting
Nathan Brantley - Producer, Acting
Jim Deason - Director, 1AC
Kerry Caligiuri - Acting
Mike Donovan - Acting
Sherman Merricks - Acting
Stevie Benz - Acting
Stephen Arrington - Acting
Caroline Brantley - Acting
Gianna Caligiuri - Acting

Final Cut Pro
Apple Color
Logic Pro
Canon 5DmkII
Zeiss 50mm f/1.4
Sigma 20mm f/1.8
Canon 28-105mm
Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x

Inception Soundtrack - Time
Nine Inch Nails - The Mark Has Been Made
Eminem - W.T.P.
Constantine Soundtrack
LOST Soundtrack
Bourne Supremacy Soundtrack
Fallout 3 Soundtrack
The Book of Eli Soundtrack - Panoramic


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