Meet Tom Butler

One of the UK's Finest Big waves Hunters. You will have seen his name pop up here and there.... Maybe even heard a story or two along the way. That's for good reason, Tom is a driven Big wave Hunter, he doesnt shy form the lime light, but seems to have spent the last year doing his own thing, and reaching his own personal Goals. They haven't involved filming sections or calling photographer's. He has had one Goal and that was to surf the biggest barrels he could find. Its been an unfortunate winter for big wave surfing in these fair isles and Tom took advantage of whatever mother nature has thrown at him. I think from my personal point of view as a Film maker and surfer. These are easily some of the most breathtaking Big waves ridden in the last year, he didnt make all of them but he sure as hell put himself in the spot!

Its been a joy to try and tell his story in whatever way i could.....


Produced and Directed : Tim Boydell and Tom Butler
Filmed and Edited by : Tim Boydell
Additional footage from : Tim Davies - Alex Piper - James Skerritt - Jamie Russell

Music by Sam Boydell : BOYDE

Additional final track by Skrillex - Bangarang (we claim no right to use this track please contact for removal)


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