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(Spring 2014) Many of the inmates at the 33rd Street Jail truly desire a change in their lifestyles on “the outside,” and one of the most powerful helps to reaching that change is a steadfast community of insightful believers working together. The presence of the church can be their strongest form of encouragement and support, and Jesus challenges us to go out and be the church to them. This is what drives Jenny and Chaplain Tammy. They trust in God to bring hope, light, and life into a lost and broken world. Difficult trials will come, but an authentic influence motivated by deeper relationships can break barriers that inmates experience, allowing them to freely receive the grace and mercy that God gives to us all. He invites us to illuminate the darkness with the light of the world — inside and out.

This video was shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and edited on Final Cut Pro 7.


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