RTCW Chile

Bruder Talon and his Last RtCW movie.

Original Title: Godverdomme Panzerfaust.

A few days before Christmas 2001, the Single Player of RtCW started to
fascinates me. Six months later I was an enthusiastic Member of the
Tux-Community, which hold battles over and over again on the bk_forest
map. At the end of 2003, I found my way to the Clan Wars which accompany
me, from time to time very excessive, till the turn over year 2007

With this RtCW-Collection, I would like to thank the RtCW-Community for
all the years in the past, positive but also negative, and ending my
time as an active gamer with one laughing and one crying eye.

It's time to say goodbye

For the reason, that the final credits shouldn't be that long as the
video, I have to bound my greetings and thanks to a small group of
persons, which I was very close all over the years. Please don't resent.

In the first place, many thanks to (my Brother) "Bewohner", which
convinced me of the RtCW Multiplayer in the past, could draw the Quake
III - Server, and many years as a Team mate, and not only in this movie
to have a hand in it. On our way to the Tux-Server, we were escorted
from Dr. Psyc, Weedy and Bogus. We had lots of fun as CWG. Thanks again!

For his dedication around Tux, I would like to thank GOLLUM. He minded
the game server and website. He made it also possible that I found my
first Clan uSe (united Soldiers of Europe), and that I could switch to
RFA (Ready for Anything) and also that I could switch to the best Clan
ever -@dvance - Special thanks to Gibson, Devilism, Anathema / Goldorak
und Smasher.

For my commitment, later on, in the Flying-V-Clan, I would like to thank
Vita, Lilith, Hawk, V@li, Spicy, qno / jais and Her3tiC. During this
time the Wolfenstein-Movies got all my attention. That Desy applied my
Question video Vitamin P in one of his culty LAN-Videos, therefore I own
him many thanks till today. And of course I have to mention Nappa, which
was also be taken in the video creation as I was.

At the end of my Wolfenstein-Career I was allowed to play for SDI (Sterk
Door Inzet) respectively OMC (Only Monday Clan). Beside the buddies,
named above, I would like to thank and send my greetings to Marnix,
Martie, Phoenix, Icon, Goofy and Worm. The Dutch team mates are the
cause of the video title.

Last but not least, many thanks to d3Xter from RtCW4ever.de for the
smashing co-operation saving the RtCW-Movies. Meanwhile you will find on
planet-movies.com the biggest RtCW-Collection in the word wide web:

Last and least I would like to thank my colleagues, for being patience
all those years and to suffer, because of the voluptuously Wolfenstein -
Stories. But be aware, I will find another topic! ;-)

j vimeo.com/53478373

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