Chipmusic for the Masses

Ro-Bear was gracious enough to brave the icy February wind chill at Philly's 8Static to speak with us about how he got into chiptunes, his chiptune pop/rap group Kill3r Whale, and where he sees the chipmusic scene going in the future.

Ro-Bear (real name Robert Joffred) is a chiptune artist from Reading, Pennsylvania and a staple of the Philadelphia chip music scene. When he first discovered chiptunes "back in the MySpace days" he was blown away by the stylings of London-based chip musician Saberpulse, an artist he would later go on to play several shows with in the future.

When asked what he likes most about the chip music scene, Ro-Bear explains that it's a very internet-based subculture, so he appreciates events like 8Static where everyone can come together and actually meet each other offline and in person. He goes on to say how the scene is very collaborative as opposed to being competitive like some other music scenes. No one is trying out-do each other.

As as the future is concerned, Ro-Bear isn't quite sure if chiptunes will ever go mainstream, but he appears confident that some chip musicians could possibly find work in music production - possibly creating tracks for pop stars and the like.

Check out and for more chip music from Robert Joffred. Also be sure to check out his experimental hardcore group Sheep and the Shears at

Filmed with a Sony Alpha NEX-F3 and kit lens. Not the best in low light, but it's all about the story and not fancy gear!


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