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We want you and others to be influenced by our short film. We encourage you to share this short film with others, whether it's one on one, small groups, church services or community groups. We give you complete permission to use this video in any capacity you may like. All we ask is that you send a courtesy email or phone call letting us know where and when you plan to use it. Please see below for contact information along with the credits and transcript of this short film. Thanks.

Contact: Matt Clum
p: 704-808-0174

"Worth" Credits:
Director of Photography - Scott Jones
Producer - Matt K. Clum
Sound Recordist - Thomas Propst
Voiceover - Wes McMurray
Talent - Chris Hooper
Props - Big Bad Props (Charlotte, NC)
Locations - Jeremy Sides
Editors - Matt K. Clum / Scott Jones
Colorist - Scott Jones

"Worth" Transcript:

Imagine a piece of property, a few acres of land and maybe a shack. Let's say the land is worth $500,000.00. Let's then say we decide to build a bicycle factory on the land and we make 100 bicycles everyday. Then all of sudden, one day our bicycle making machines break and we are left only producing 20 bicycles a day, well under the 100 bicycles we're expected to produce. How less valuable is our land if we are suppose to make 100 bicycles but only make 20 bicycles? Well the land is still worth $500,000.00.

Now, let's take a person, young, old, boy, girl, how much is a person worth? The most common answer is priceless. We don't put a value on human life, but we're told by God that every person is worth the same exact value. The value is that we've been made in the image of God. One person or everyone alive, it doesn't matter, everyone, every person is worth the same. That's why God sent Jesus here to die for us, for you and for me, for everyone. Now let's say a person produces good things with their life, then all of a sudden one day, they start messing up. Now let's say they start producing bad decisions everyday and are well under the amount of good that they're expected to produce. Does this change their value because they are messing up? No, the person is still worth the same... the image of God. The land still holds it's value. No matter what we do we are worth the same we are worth the image of God. We aren't priceless, we know our exact worth... and if you didn't know that's worth more than $500,000.00.


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