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What if you had a better view of love, dating, marriage, sex, really just relationships in general...
If you have ever been in, or just hope to one day be in a relationship, this is the series for you.
Check out this, EYE opening and refreshing perspective on love done the way God intended from the begining!

Set List:
Song Title - "Holy Is Your Name" (Newspring) - (Matt)
Song Title - “Like A Lion” (Kristian Stanfill) – (Matt)
Song Title - “Always” (Kristian Stanfill)– (Matt)
Song Title - “God Is Able” (Hillsong) - (Cal)
Song Title - “One Thing Remains” (Matt Redman) - (Matt)
Message - "Q&A - (Dwayne, Jason, Matthew, Cal)
Song Title – “Happy Song” (Tim Hughes) - (Matt)


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