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Class 1a1 is about "know that the Lord is God" AND fair and how the most popular songs and movies are from heaven for EVERYONE and how they could apply to you specifically. A blue print from heaven is the commercial on MTV that says "You call, you listen, you like, you buy" songs and movies that you'd like to apply to your life, (@ 9 min). I mention that “I don’t know why there are so many innuendos to ‘the one’ in songs and movies” except now it’s obvious that it was essential for me to be able to teach this class. Like ANASTASIA @ 7 min has more scenes explained in class 17 @ 1:41 & 2:12 hrs @
This is ten minutes from the 50 minute class #1a1 at
This is one of the first classes I made and it's a good picture of heaven and the forces of evil having a tug of war over me without me knowing about it. I didn't know when I made this class that the main weapon that the forces of evil were going to use to discredit and defeat me was going to be mocking me as YOU'RE SO VAIN. When I'm in front of the camera notice behind me a "sign" of me being YOU'RE SO VAIN. I don't know how they got me to do this but that "sign" was not from God but from the forces of evil impersonating divine signs. One way God countered that false sign was getting me to wear a marlin T-shirt and explain it as a parallel to me and "the one that got away". It's next to a cowboy in a pick-up truck that's similar to Brandy's music video where God is singing ALMOST DOESN'T COUNT to those called to NOT "go along to get along" with those (devils) who scoff and mock divine signs away, it's @ 1:32 @ It's like me and the sextant in this class 1a1 @ 5 min, when you don't realize the damage that your tongue can do. I said that mocking me as YOU'RE SO VAIN would be used by God to find me the shortest path through my job and life to get me to heaven early in class L94 @ 1:21 hours @ Vimeo. That's similar to what follows.

I’m pretty sure on 9-4-13 that this is about THE END of my classes and my blog, (best explained @, like this is from the last page of my blog at

The too good to be true line in the Bible of “Peace on Earth” became very possible and soon in classes 185, L110, L123 and L124 at Vimeo. Except this song by Tears for Fears prophesied a delay:

So glad we've almost made it 

So sad they had to fade it 


In this description of class 170 is when I finally realized God was serious about PEACE ON EARTH.

Class 170:
I elaborated on this in classes 185, 163b, 165, 166, 167 and in this one #170, (@, but after seven classes on this subject it has finally soaked in that God is serious about a PEACE ON EARTH sign that I show in this class, (it was on top of a 20 story building in San Jose every Christmas). This is a very serious offer that heaven is making and it can really happen if enough people hope that it is possible.

Class L1d was about it’s too late for this generation to "enter the promised land". Then a surprise second chance in class L96 that was mocked away in this description of 

class L123:

@ 14 minutes is the proof I have that the hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004 were the wrath of God on my behalf. It was due to mocking me like the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders do in class L113 in their music video of the song CALL ME ray MAYBE. Just like a guy named "Ray Maybe" gets the majority of credits for the 1964 earthquake that hit Alaska as the wrath of God for slandering me, (blaming me for a bad real estate deal in class 127a @ 1hour @, so to do the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders get the majority of the credits for those hurricanes due to encouraging HUNDREDS of mock the one versions of the song CALL ME ray MAYBE, (see class L114 @ 9 minutes at

L123 & L124 was my best summary of the patriotic classes and that Peace on Earth is possible. I explained that L123 & L124 were 90% made by heaven and when they were mocked as bad as my other classes then heaven cut off the classes they were offering through me. For no thanks, no pay, no respect and not much views on my videos I’m not surprised that heaven has finally cut off the magic. The first 8 minutes of class L5b was a warning of how these classes would be mocked away, (see ya suckers and thanks for Brer rabbit’s break at THE END of classes L96, 1a1 and L94 @ Vimeo).

Diana Ross’s song “Touch Me in the Morning“, (especially with the YOU'RE SO VAIN picture), might best sum up the end of these classes.

The Bottom Line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER in L124 @, and
the Bottom Lines might be the main reason why my classes are over.


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