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Shadow ---- To represent vaguely, mysteriously, or prophetically.

Hank Simmons is a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. He is also a Korean War veteran. Hank never talked about his time in Korea to his family. Hank receives notice that his best friend and fellow Korea vet, Jesse Reagan, has died. Hank decides to tell a little bit about his time in Korea to his grandson and great-grand daughter.

Although the story itself is fictional, the dates, places and statistics are historically accurate.

For those who question the rank insignias, the Marine Corps used the same stripe configuration as the Army until about 1958-1961 when they added the crossed rifles and added additional ranks.

Cast of Characters:
Hank Simmons ------------------- Richard 'RPO' Poshard
Misty Caldwell -------------------- Sonya
Sam Caldwell --------------------- .Gavin

Made with:
The Movies
Magix Movie Edit Pro

Mods by:
Fraas (TheMovies3D)
Special Thanks to Mike D. Boing for the United States Marine Corps Dress Blues Uniform mod.
DiamondGate Logo by Peter 'Allpoint' Martin
TMUnderground Logo by D.L. Watson (Moonlight Pictures)

**Winner of the 2010 Ollie Award for 'Best War Movie' on TMOA/TMUnderground**


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