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Continuing the future post-apocalyptic setting of Sundered, "Counterplay" takes you into the heart of the action as a band of resistance fighters struggle against their oppressors to win the war and retake their homes. In this world, it's all or nothing.

War continues to engulf the United States. AMCOR has taken most of the continental US, and the resistance must strike hard and fast if they are to stop the onslaught. A clone defector gives them the opportunity they've been looking for: A chance to obtain AMCOR's strategic battle plans for the East Coast, located in a field HQ within an abandoned residential area. To retrieve the plans, a unit of resistance fighters are sent on a dangerous mission into the heart of AMCOR-controlled territory.

Counterplay is the action-packed conclusion to the Sundered setting. You can watched Sundered here:

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