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"This film represents some ideas Babe and I feel very strongly about. Food is key to our survival and good or healthy food is essential for our well being. Not only does our machine help the environment, but helps everyone grow their own nuitritionally rich foods. Becoming less dependent on what the government decides to feed us, becoming more self sufficient and supportive of our independent growers and local farms. To promote our solution, we felt a broken retro style commercial aesthetic was appropriate as advertising is still part of the problem. The Crown Jewel is solar powered, featuring a detector for separating Heirlooms from Genetically Modified seeds, with preset ultimate growing conditions for your fruits and veggies, and built-in compost bin. We hope you enjoy the film."


Greg is an independent director and freelance designer/animator who is currently working remotely in the mountains of North Carolina. He previously worked in NYC at Digital Kitchen, working on development and conceptual design as well as 2d and 3d animations. Greg shoots a lot of Photography and also spends time studying and making matte paintings, one of his main interests. Greg also enjoys writing as an author on Motionographer. You can also read Greg's personal Blog called

Babe is a freelance artist, designer & director based in Asheville, NC. He’s conceptual freak of nature at heart with a self-taught multidisciplinary background in traditional and digital art, design, motion, sound and dance. His well-rounded experience in advertising for film & entertainment, broadcast, and corporate markets give him an approach and style like no other. His new focus is branding and affordable solutions for the upcoming entrepreneur and small business through his newly formed creative representation agency, the Creative Coalition of 2009, Big & Fancy.


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