Cinebarre Short Films

For the seventh week I found Glasgow basking in a little winter sun so I decided to make something a bit closer to home. The Clyde Arc (or Squinty Bridge as it's affectionately known by locals) was constructed in 2006 and has become an iconic landmark for Glasgow. Sitting just across from this is the Finnieston Crane, a giant, rusting and oddly beautiful relic of the city's industrial past. Together with several other buildings they form one of my favourite parts of Glasgow.

This is my first attempt to try and document them in any detail but no doubt I'll be back again at some point to have another go. In this video you can also see the BBC building outside of which a number of journalists were strike on the day I filmed. The final image is a silhouette of one of the entrances to an old tunnel that used to run under the Clyde in a time when ships still sailed this far up the river and is a reminder of the history and heritage of this part of Glasgow.

I shot this on a Canon 7D with my Sigma F1.8 24mm, Sigma F2.8 70-200mm, Canon F1.4 50mm and Canon F1.8m 85mm lenses.

The music track is entitled "Come with Me" and is licensed from Audio Network.


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