Cinebarre Short Films

This short film is/was based on my perspective! How I felt at the time and moment. The flowers represent the woman I was with- comparable to a flower; beautiful, lovely, elegant, and of unfathomable fragrance... I was more like poop, I was shitty at times. But for some reason, this compare and contrast is the most disgusting, yet organic picture I could think of. (This perspective and moment was only brief. I'am no longer like poop haha!) Please enjoy!

-Filmed in North Carolina.
-Shot in full 1080p
-I knew that shooting at 1080p would make the film a bit shaky and the strong winds didn't help either. However, I wanted to have a vintage film look and 720p in my eyes was just too smooth.
-Music from Nostalgic Romance (I do have the rights and license to use this music.)
-Special thanks to Leslie and Shamiyah King.
-Tribute to all my niece's and nephews.


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