Cinema 4D Tuts

RENOMI is Cinema 4D plugin that helps you organize your rendered image sequences and maintain your Object Buffer names.

By default, when you render Multi-Pass sequences to image files (Multi-Layer File is switched OFF in Render Settings -> Save panel) you end up with hundreds of files in one folder. For my taste, well, it doesn’t look good. I prefer every Multi-Pass sequence to be placed in it’s custom folder, like Shadow passes should go to Shadow folder, RGBA images should be placed in RGBA folder and so on. This way you maintain clean and tight file and folder structure. On the other hand, Cinema 4D does not rename your rendered Object Buffers, so you end up with general default naming like object_1, object_2. So there’s no way to know what object_1 refers to in your Cinema 4D scene.

- Rename rendered files to match their names in Render Settings (Object Buffer especially),
- Move each render pass to appropriate folder (Shadow images go to Shadow folder, RGBA images go to RGBA folder etc),
- Rename subfolders based on filename,
- Update Compositing Project File to match new names and file paths.
- Have bunch of files in one folder and it’s difficult to find particular pass? Use Based on Path function to organize files into separate folders.

All actions are performed based on your current render settings – plugin will look for output directory for main sequence and Multi-Pass Images from Render Settings dialog box and will perform actions based on this criteria. If you have renamed Object Buffers to something like OB1-Cube, OB2-Sphere then the plugin will respect that and you will get what you expected.


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