Footage was needed at 25fps, sound was not required, so we decided to re-conform the footage in Cinema Tools, which works out at a 17% slow down. Workflow was to convert the footage to uncompressed 10bit in Compressor, then use cinema tools to re-conform to 25fps. The resulting footage can then be imported into FCP with no further rendering for play-out. Played out to HD cam SR and beta for Final Cut who did the offline, conformed , graded and VFX at ENVY in Smoke. Back on to HD cam for TV delivery.
Production Company: 4creative
Title: Summer of Music
Music: The Temper Trap
Director: Phil Lind
Producer: Paul Mortimore
DOP: Martin Hill
Editor: Joe Guest@Final Cut
Online: Marcus Dryden@Envy
DIT: Adam Davis@Envy

Shot on the Canon 5d mkii Firmware 2
Lenses: 35mm Prime 1.4 and 28mm Prime 1.8


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