Cinematography Reel

This is a small collection of my work over the last few years that I have been fortunate enough to be Director of Photography on. I also ended up doing a good deal of the color grading. But with any good work, it usually takes a team. I'd like to thank my Lighting Directors Steve Staley (Kentucky Grip & Lighting/Studio One) and John Aimes/LA. Also, I have had help from some great camera Ops and A/C's...Andy Dean (Owner/Dean Film & Video-Memphis and Steadicam Op), JP, Derrick, and Justin Gustavison ( I have worked with some great grips and gaffers. Thanks Bobby, Matty, Jim and Dan!

I have also been mentored and learned a great deal over the years from my mentors, Fred Carpenter/Mars Hill Production, James Reid/DP & Steadicam Op from LA and Gary Foster/Senior Editor, TVP Houston.

The talented Shane Sooter directed most of the projects on my reel with the exception of one directed by Richard Ramsey.

Our special effects/Compositing guru is Greg Stanford from Memphis, TN.

Much of the Art Direction was completed by Bob Danyla/Houston, TX

Find out more about these guys at the links below...

All of the work you will see was shot with one of the following:

Arri D-20
RED Epic
Canon 5D
Panasonic Varicam (w/pro35+primes)

Our favorite support gear:

Zacuto Double Barrel
EZ_Rig Cinema 3 support system
Cam-tram dolly system
Fisher 11

A special thanks to Bill Smith/Adtech Productions for helping get a fledgling non-profit film company started!

The music is by:
Steve Jablonsky
"My Name is Lincoln"
Original Soundtrack, THE ISLAND
buy it here!


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