Finally i made it...It took me a little time, but i want to believe it's worth it ;)

All footage taken during this few vacation days in Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh. Mostly when i cannot sleep, because of overambitious muesiz singing at 4 a.m...Thank's unknown singer *&#^*&#!
Also some shots from swimming pool, honestly with not so clear water ;)

First part is strongly inspired by early Jimmy Jarmush style. Mixed with some lazy riviera mood. I know, someone can say it's ab. nothing. But it's about lazyness, slow flowing summer time, when You don't need to care for usual things...You can just stand and stare at beauty of nature and land...and i really love it.
Second part is going underwater. There's not too much to talk ab., better watch it ;)
Instead of early mornin running i took mask, fins and 5D and move to sea. Mostly i used Canon 16-35 and 50L in LV mode. Being completly alone on fresh calm water is by far strong experience.
I do my best not to repeat frames on this project, in fact i already made 3 movies - wasn't easy ;)

Here is teaser no.1
and no.2

You can also check some picture taken at the same time, or not. Interesting how different they look like a stills or moving picture...
Anyway, that's always difficult choice: record or shoot? Thanks Canon - i have opportunity!

What else...extra stuff, dolly guy, coloring crew, repeats, - nothing ;) Just man and camera.


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