No lyrics, just cinematography, expressing a feeling (missing feeling) just with video and music effects.

About the topic:
Today, world armies produces commercials to attract new volunteers. Adventures, high tech equipment, team spirits are shown to the public. Army becomes professional, both war and communication are done by professionals. This movie is not pacifist, this movie is not against nations or everything else. This is just a personal tribute to the people who are worried about the return of somebody. They hope, they pray but above all, they wait. It is a tribute to this horrible feeling between death and live which is missing.

About the effects:
At first, effects support the perception of time. For the girl who is waiting, everything is long (slow motion), and around her the life is still continuing (time lapse).

Secondly, soft focus variations effect and music gain at the end support the missing feeling, the image of soldier disappears, then, this is the girl which disappears too like an hopeless step.

Symbols are important too, the movie takes place between Paris and Moscow, that is why I have chosen to shot the Alexandre III bridge with this fade in / out effect at the end. It is also important to notice the number of risen monuments as such phallic symbols.

Alternative of black and white and colors is also important to switch from memory to reality.


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