Music: Now is the Start by A Fine Frenzy
This is what I did in May & June 2013.

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May and June are combined because increasingly I am in work situations where I am not allowed to film what is going on. This is a good thing. :) Other than work, highlights include getting to work on a period piece that filmed at Sony Studios, seeing real life Moonrise Kingdom-esque bugle boys on Memorial Day, seeing a friend's acting showcase, having my brother's family come see where I live on their drive up to San Francisco, my drive up to the Muir Woods for my sister's wedding, and the drive back through Big Sur (gorgeous... and there are zebras just hanging out on the side of the road!) We also kept up the tradition of Sunday Screeners with my Utah friends, had beach bonfires, spent countless hours at the DMV, accidentally got lost in Compton at midnight, beach days, a life-sized chess game (I lost), spending a day with a dancing hamster, and an unexpected trip home to Utah where we roamed with the buffalo (bison, actually.)

Shout out to all my LA friends for making Los Angeles my home away from home. Love you guys :)

Edited in Final Cut Pro 7 & Adobe Premiere Pro and filmed with the Canon 6D and iPhone 4S.


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