Contemporary Dance and Art Video Group

by Diego Agulló and Dimitry Paranyushkin.
13 April 2010. Springmeeting at PAF.

L´Immaculée Conception

We have created a piece called L´Immaculée Conception. We are Dimitry Paranyushkin and Diego Agulló – two believers, two survivors, two pioneers of a spectacle that is empty, that is full. This piece is a celebration of coming together and forming a friendship.

Starting from appropriating our personal material as the vocabulary, we have consolidated a private language to scrutinise the possibilities for meaningless content and meaningful performativity.

Constantly aware of each other's rhythm we randomly navigate through spacial locations with the task of calibrating towards each other and seeking for cascade-like sequences. The distance in-between becomes
a discrete unity in itself that can never be reduced because of its infinite nature. This distance is full of playfulness, secrets, and expectations. It's in this distance that we can celebrate random encounters of meanings and coincidences, it's in there that the audience finds access to empathize with the emergence of magic.

We, Dmitry Paranyushkin and Diego Agulló, invite you into the secret world of intersubjective relations and immaculate celebrations. Being the only child and having no siblings to play with.

The orange is orange. We think and God laughs.


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