Cirque Belgique Extreme Sports

One day after the end of the Mayen calender the world is still there... and so is the 58 Xmas Contest 2012! Here's the review.

Thanks to the sponsors:
Circa Footwear, Makia Clothing, Nixon, WESC, Independent Trucks, Element, Carharrt, Altamont Apparel, Blackriver Ramps, Vans, Girl Skateboards, Cleptomanicx, Enjoico, Plan B Skateboards, Settele, Frau Berger and Drunken Masters

Video and Edit:
Michi Karg
Dave Karg

"Dystopia" by YACHT
"The Man with the Electric Flag" by The Patinettes
"Dance" by We are FM

The Standings:

Group A, sponsored
1. Markus Blessing
2. Alex Schulte
3. Joscha Aicher
4. Thomas Janka / Thomas Graf
5. Mario Ungerer / Konne Fuchs

Group B, not sponsored
1. Sebastian Gebauer
2. Jens Waibel
3. Goekhan Eray
4. Nils Rapp
5. André Gruber

Group C, bis Jahrgang 97 und jünger
1. Felix Grundhöffer
2. Julian Esslinger
3. Flo Völz
4. Flo Garn
5. Marcus Kornmaier / Paul Sturm

Group G, Girls
1. Catherine Marquis
2. Regina Glöckler
3. Nataly Geißelhardt
4. Luca Marai Wiche


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