Cities In Minutes

Istanbul / Kadıköy /Haydarpaşa Train Statiton / Time Lapse video

Camera / Editing : Bülent Özalp - 2011

5D Mark 2 / Adobe Premiere /Adobe After Effect /Adobe Photoshop / Photoscape /

The Haydarpaşa Terminal or Haydarpaşa Terminus (Turkish: Haydarpaşa Garı) is a major intercity terminal and transportation hub in Kadıköy, İstanbul. It is the busiest rail terminal in Turkey and one of the busiest in Eastern Europe. The terminal also has connections to bus and ferry services. The Moda Tramway is a few blocks south of the terminal. The terminal has a main building (opened in 1908) that houses the headquarters of District 1.

Haydarpaşa Terminal is the western terminus of the Istanbul-Ankara Main Line and was the western terminus of the former Baghdad Railway (İstanbul-Konya-Adana-Aleppo-Baghdad) and the Hejaz Railway (İstanbul-Konya-Adana-Aleppo-Damascus-Amman-Medina).[1] The tracks do not cross the Bosphorus, but there is a train ferry which carries rail cars from the Haydarpaşa Terminal on the Asian side to the Sirkeci Terminal on the European side.

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