Clifton Media Group

***Winner at ROSCARS Young People's Film Awards 2011***

When two social media-loving, singer-wannabes get the opportunity to sing at the school's Star for a Night event, it inspires them to practise their favourite song in preparation. When a self-proclaimed music producer hears them sing and offers to show them his recording studio, one of them agrees without a moment's thought. Her friend though, is less than enthusiastic. With a little advice from some of her social media friends, the excited girl chooses to take the opportunity of a lifetime.

This film was devised and created by the Clifton Media Group as part of their rolling programme of creating issue-based learning resources. Star For A Night was inspired by the upsurge of internet danger and social media abuse.

Plum Pie Media provided the necessary filmmaking workshops, which were necessary to train the young people to create the film.


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