Lower Severn Community Flood Education Network group

by Kayleigh Moore
In 2007 Ann Parker’s home was flooded. Ann and her husband realised that the water would find its own level, so they worked until 3am to ensure books and important, movable possessions were upstairs. After the flood they lived in a caravan on their driveway, the top floor of their home, and the garage for several months. Generally speaking they didn’t receive much help from the firemen who were around. Ann had a hospital appointment during the time of the floods and at that point a fireman turned up offering to help. He managed to get Ann through the receding flood water to a friends’ house. Ann’s friend had a car and was taking her to hospital as Ann and her husbands’ cars had both been destroyed by flood water (this was their biggest expense which wasn’t covered completely by the insurance). The fireman went back to help Ann’s husband pull up carpets, etc. It was only later that they realised he was a bogus fireman, but they were very grateful for his help!

Story produced by Kayleigh Moore as part of Co-FAST project for the Lower Severn Community Flood Education Network project (insight.glos.ac.uk/tli/activities/co-fast/severnfloods/Pages/default.aspx)

j vimeo.com/16966470

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