Color Correction - Yes it´s difficult!

I got my hands on a BMCC, as I wait for my BMPC4K camera to arrive. I have been using FilmConvert Pro for some time now with my 5D, but I wanted to see how it would behave with the BMCC sensor in post as essentially a LUT. Footage is of graffiti in Kansas City, MO. What are your thoughts? Oh ... music by The Shins :)

Download (below) via HD.MP4 for an accurate visual experience. Flash player introduces weird contrast and color cast. I did not correct for this on this video.

BMCC - ProRes Film mode
Zeiss 25/2
B+W XS-Pro/Nano-MC vari-ND filter (set between ND .6-.9 est.)
Manfrotto tripod and my Kessler CineSlider

FCPX: One "node" set to correct for proper white balance and the application of an "s-curve" for adjusting shadow, mids, and highlights ... a bit of sharpening: 1.5-2.0 in FCPX
FilmConvert Settings:
Sensor: BMCC/Film
Exposure: 0
Temperature: 5425.0
Film Stock: Kodak 5213 Vision 3
Film Color: 100%
Grain: 30%


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