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A short story about a man named Bill who leaves home on a day long business trip. The same day his loving wife, Zelda, calls her lover and makes plans to kill Bill. Set in the 1950's. Satire.

Originally this short story was a radio play I wrote back in college when I went to Temple University back in the day. The remake was filmed in 2009 with almost no money and a handful of talented unknown actors. It was a 6 day shoot with a crew of about 40 people including actors. Shot on a Sony F900 and edited on an old Mac using an even older version of Final Cut, some gum, a bit of luck, and the eventual recovery of data from a few fried drives. It was lots of fun. Wrote a book about the experience of independent filmmaking using this film as an example.

Special appearance by Richard Tyson from one of my favorite movies, "3 O'Clock High." Music by Billy Goodrum, whose credits include "There's Something About Mary". Look him up, he's awesome.

Best Director, ITV Fest LA
Best Comedy, FirstGlance Film Festival


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