Spec Commercials

This is my entry to the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" contest. We had the idea to have a burglar break into a house and finally find Doritos only to end up eating them all and then get caught because of it. Of course, that idea is difficult to fit into 30 sec, so we shot a lot of material and edited it a few different ways.

This one I decided it would be funny to have a "Requiem of a Dream" sequence at the moment of cheese euphoria and then end after the logo in a different way.

We used the Black Magic Cinema Camera to shoot this which proved to be wonderful when grading, especially when shooting in mixed lighting conditions and trying to pull a day for night grade in post. Ryan and Luis put on a performance all day long, wonderful to work with. The roundtrip process for shooting RAW with the BMCC is a little frustrating and OSX Mavericks has proved to cause problems with Resolve 10 and Cuda drivers.

j vimeo.com/80128874

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