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Jason Peters

Jason Peters

Hello all,

I am part of a team of people helping to assemble an online directory of effective conservation films. This is a new project set up in collaboration with Wildeye, The Brock Initiative, AU’s Centre for Environmental Filmmaking and Filmmakers for Conservation (FFC). It is hosted on the FFC website and is an expanding catalogue of films that have made, or are intent on making, a difference. The database can be used by anyone looking for models for their own productions, for proof that filmmaking can make a difference, and will potentially lend strength to funding applications etc… The database will, over time, become a valuable resource for showing how best to make a difference using film... We will not tell people how to do this, the films will speak for themselves!

The films may have been used in many different ways: on TV, on the internet or shown locally to influential people, communities, decision-makers, politicians and so on…

We do not want to give people access to watching the films, but simply share information about the films and what they have achieved.

The database is split into four categories:

1) FILMS THAT HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE - Documented or otherwise proven to have made a real & tangible difference to a conservation issue.

2) FILMS THAT HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE - Undocumented or unproven but made about an issue that has found a degree of success.

3) FILMS THAT HAVE A CONSERVATION/ENVIRONMENTAL MESSAGE OR THEME - Good conservation films that will have raised awareness of an issue but no conclusive successes known.

4) FILMMAKERS WHO HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE - This category includes filmmakers and organisations that have made a significant contribution to conservation film making over time: Collectively, their films have made a difference!

For Category one, films must have achieved some form of success in terms of conservation or an environmental issue… This might include things like; Having caused a call to action, where viewers, after watching a film contact/lobby people in power and attempt to affect change; Increased funding is sent to a conservation group directly because of the issues raised in the production; Viewers joining a grassroots organisation to help with a cause; There is a significant impact from an educational film that leads to positive change; The subjects of a film change their bad-practice to more sustainable techniques; A law might get changed… A habitat or species may find itself better protected because of a film (or at least as a contributing factor!)… Essentially, can it be said that the film has made a difference to the issues raised in the film, as intended?

Films have the potential to move up the categories as new information comes to light!

I therefore invite you to supply information about your conservation/environmental films: 

Each film entry requires:

• A paragraph describing the production or filmmaker/organisation. (200 words max)
• A list of the positive results achieved or the desired results/aims. (200 words max)
• Contact details/web-links of filmmakers including links to the film if available online.
• A still photo. (Something representing the production or filmmaker)

If you require an example of an entry for guidance, please take a look at the website:

Please participate and send in your film(s) entries...

Individual filmmakers and productions companies globally can provide information about their films to the directory, which is on-line and available for all to read. In return, those who wish to make conservation films can refer to the directory for guidance and evidential support that films do make a difference! Participating films can be of broadcast quality or captured on a small miniDV camera and edited on your home computer. Quality of production or language are not priorities - Effectiveness is key.

"Showing the truth on some minority channel is not the answer. 
Showing it where it counts is."  Richard Brock, The Brock Initiative.

We would really appreciate your contribution. 

Also, if you know of any lesser-known films or contacts that you think might be eligible, please let me know of them! Thank you.

Please send your entries to me here:

Many thanks, Jason

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