Contemporary dance

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From the eager for life protozoon to the lonely cyborg. The three-piece night “Entomo Y Otros” at Bonn’s “Into the Fields” festival.

By Nicole Strecker

translated by Silvia Werber

A man’s back. Perfect V-shape, a neatly ranked army of vertebrae and ribs, muscles and frail fibrils, ruffled skin. An immaculate sculpture, until the back of dancer Álvaro Esteban acts as if it was an autonomous creature. A vibrant, quivering being that arches, stretches, pumps, as if giving birth to something. What Esteban is doing here with his well trained back, he is capable of doing with every part of his body, as will be shown in the course of the evening. He is a virtuoso of the fragmented body, capable of letting each limb dance – in isolation – into another direction, e.g. gesturing with his arms in such an independently precise manner that makes the torso behind forgettable. It slightly reminds of the body parts number “Sawing a woman in half” at a magic show, whereas in Esteban’s solo “Antipodas” it is presented as a dead serious tragic of being. His ever changing creature is a lost one. Without orientation, stability and defined existence. A creature being constantly exposed to the pain of becoming.

Esteban is a praying mantis with antennas that gently sense the air. He is a bird in its erratically pointless back and forth. A quivering plant that is acoustically being roared around by a storm. And finally: A human being who arduously worked up his way into an upright posture. Finally a godlike creature? Ruler of nature, evolution’s elite? Far from it. In a spectacular final effect Esteban shows his face: A grimace distorted by a wild yell. A cipher of horror.

Entomo EA & AE


Choreografie und Tanz: Elías Aguirre und Álvaro Esteban


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