Retro FLOOD TV - FLDTV0033
The 33rd FLOOD realtime VJ video. Recorded in 2011



Kito & Reija Lee -

Music: Kito & Reija Lee, S-T3RRA
Visual Styling & VJ’ing: FLOOD
Original Footage: Vermilion Pleasure Night.

VJ Video Retrospective - FLDTV0033 - Recorded 2011

Here I started using the PAN technique (a staple for me still).
Like a lot of techniques it is used to address an artistic issue.
I was having a problem with animations that were too short or were just jitters. They were ok to watch for a beat or 2 but really I wanted to be able to hold a clip for 4 beats without it getting old.
The secondary animation provided by using a scrolling pan gave me just this.

But there is more to it than that.
During one of my first shows I dynamically triggered a pan while using mirrored footage. Because I had unwittingly created a tiled image the scroll around was seamless (well actually there is a 1 pixel seam).

During gigs, I started crossing paths with a lot of musicians. My focus thus far had been to doing videos for big names I didn’t know. I was now shifting and becoming motivated to work with more local talent.

Working with S-T3RRA was one of my first experiences with this. We met at a gig and liked each others stuff. I went on to do several videos for him.

S-T3RRA’s videos are at the start of my Asian cinema and Italian Horror phase. In both arenas I dove pretty deep before moving on.

The footage for this video is sourced from a bizarre Japanese TV show called “Vermilion Pleasure Night”.
I feel that the robotic movement of the mannequin like actors suits the raw video gamey beats.


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