excerpts from premiere of AUDFIT at Centrum Kultury ZAMEK, Poznań, 20.02.2014 in FRIV MOVE ZAMEK programme.

AUDFIT is a dance costume that precisely reads the movement and position of the dancer's body using motion detectors and accelerometers designed by Krystian Klimowski. Data that is thus provided is converted in real time into sounds. The audience listens to the music created from the dancers movement through the headphones (Silent Disco headphones sets), with a choice of three CB radio channels, each expressing the sound in a completely different manner.
In AUDFIT project the music is generated by the movement - even the tiniest move of the body releases a sound sequence and electronic tunes. The body of the dancer is mapped by 9 strategic points that orientate its position in space. In AUDFIT the movement creates the sound, which is integral with the action, dance becomes an instrument, a programmer of audio-visual perception formed in the skull of the recipient.
The project is realized with the technical support (supply of the headphones sets) of IKART agency from Poznań (, one of the biggest organizers of the SILENT DISCO events in Poland.

Patryk Lichota - conception and sound programming
Krystian Klimowski - physical computing, sensor programming
Marta Romaszkan - dance/movement

Patryk Lichota - conception and sound programming


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