Crazy is Good

It's a commonly known fact: photographers hate being photographed - but I love photographing photographers. So when Newmindspace announced the People Photographing People Photographing People event, I obviously went and as expected had lots of fun!

Newmindspace was founded by Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken. Their mission is to reclaiming public space, inventing new ways of having fun, and creating community. Since 2005, they have been hosting free events in cities around North America, and creating free, fun, all-ages events like parties on subway cars, public pillow fights, giant games of capture the flag on city streets, massive bubble battles, public art installations and much more.

Photography alone probably doesn't do the event justice, so I used my P+S and recorded the insanity for your pleasure. The quality is not too great, but you get the idea.


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