Creative Ireland

The short company overview video I've been making for the smoked salmon company Kenmare Select is finished at last. This was a real challenge given its length and just how much content needed to go in. Looking back through the footage, I find that I shot many hours of footage, and even when all the unusable bits were trimmed out, there was still 17 minutes and hundreds of shots to choose from.

I'm very pleased with the way this turned out. It follows a day with Kenmare Select, starting with a visit to the salmon farm off the Eyries coast, then returning to tour the fish factory and smokehouse. With us on that day, though they aren't mentioned by name in the video, were a writer, producer and photographer for a German culinary magazine, and a two star michelin chef Alexandro Pape. The video ends with several smoked salmon dishes prepared by Mark Doe, which I still remember the taste of.

I'm grateful for the chance to work with such an honest, creative and forward-thinking company.


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