Community Supported Film

Presented by Community Supported Film
Directing and Camera by Mona Haidari
Editing by Hamid Arshia
Sound by Sayed Qasem Hossaini
Further information:

Not long after marrying at twenty-one Shafiqa lost her husband, her daughter and her leg. The war in Afghanistan has left some 700,000 disabled. Many, especially disabled women and children, are hidden from view, trapped by their culture. Shafiqa found a way to overcome the “paralysis of her soul” and found a way to take care of herself, her two sons and her community.

This excerpt is from the collection of Afghan-made documentary shorts "The Fruit of Our Labor", produced during a filmmaking training for 10 Afghans held in Kabul, Afghanistan in the Fall of 2010. Community Supported Film works to strengthen the documentary storytelling capacity of people in countries in crisis, where objective and accurate information is essential to effective conflict resolution. These locally made films amplify the often-unheard perspectives on the ground and contribute to national and international conversations about effective aid and development.

Mona Haidari has experience in painting, photography, and documentary filmmaking. She is the assistant producer of Focus Reports, a program on social issues, for Negah TV.

For more information or to purchase a DVD of the full film "The Fruit of Our Labor", please contact Community Supported Film at or 617-834-7206.


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