Mediterranean Treasure


About the Project
“Our Island” is a collaborative initiative to create a viral mini series that will later be combined into a fully featured nature & wildlife documentary focusing around the island of Cyprus.

A unique approach by the team, rather artistic and cinematic, aims to showcase the grandeur of wildlife on the small island of Cyprus, situated at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa in the Mediterranean sea.

The goal is to create a series of short thematic clips featuring wildlife and nature scenes from the island of Cyprus. The series will be non-narrative, and will be dressed with original musical compositions, in a visual celebration of the beauty that surrounds this island, while reminding us of the fragility of where we live and the species that co-habit and the environment they live in.

The episodes will be aired, online only, one by one as they are completed, and when all thematic schemes are completed we will take all the footage we have collected and create a feature documentary that will cover all areas of the series.

How you can Help

You can now be a part of this amazing journey we’re all about to embark on. All of the filmmakers involved in this project are completely volunteering their efforts, but we can’t make this film without you. It is your contribution that will make it possible to afford everything from state of the art camera gear, to film festival submissions around the world, and everything in between.

This is the opportunity for you to give back to the Arts and the Earth. Whether you have a connection to Cyprus or not, if you appreciate nature in all its beauty, we need your help.

If you can't donate, then please help us promote this campaign! Share it with your family and friends, post it on your facebook page, tweet, text, shout and get the word out!

What We Need

In order to make this documentary happen, other than the excessive amount of manpower and gas mileage we will spend, we will need to team up, hire and use specialized services, professionals and equipment.

We believe that when it comes to fundraising we should always provide as precise of information as we can, so you will know exactly wehere your money is going when you contribute to our project

- Camera, Grip and other equipment rentals

- Set Operations such as

- Charter of a boat, divers, underwater filming equipment (hire)

- Charter of helicopter, specialized lenses (hire)

- Research

- Coloring, Titles & Graphics

- Special photography

-Transportation expenses

- Promotional Material

- Sound Mixing

- Festival expenses including Submission fees, Blue Ray Authoring & Duplication

Considering what it normally costs to make a feature film, this is a very resourceful figure. Also, rest assured that we are a team of professionals with excellent facilities so that the artistic and technical quality of the film will remain high.

Director’s Note:

The idea for this documentary came after a successful participation in “ONE DAY ON EARTH” project. The video filmed at Aphrodite’s rock gained a lot of views and positive feedback. I’ve decided to to take it further and create something on a larger scale, something that would cover the whole island. A lot of comments i received in fact were the ones where people wouldn't believe that this actually was filmed in Cyprus. Most people are trapped in their routine, some just take it for granted, the magnificent nature that surrounds us is a blessing, we shouldn't forget that. It only takes 2 hours to drive from one end of the island to another and yet the contrast of the landscapes, sea shores its just astonishing. We aim to reveal and remind the people of this beauty and hope that they will learn how to appreciate this island for all that it has to offer.


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