choreography: Agnieszka Laska

STILL CRYING — music: Randy Raine-Reusch, And the wind still cries (Hendrix Uncovered)
dancers: Sissy Dawson, Heidi Nelson, Lauren Richmond + Karissa Dean, Allie Fahsholz, Sharon Lane

NO EXIT — music: Jack Gabel, Diameter X (Brian McWorter, trumpet & Florian Conzetti, percussion)
dancer: Sharon Lane + Karissa Dean, Allie Fahsholz, Timothy Johnson

Agnieszka Laska — local Polish expatriate choreographer — has reached deep into the human psyche of those women who are victims of sex-slave human trafficking, prostitution, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Broken Flowers is a mere scratch at the surface and but a glimpse of a huge problem in Portland and abroad, when it comes to the ugly reality of women who are enslaved in the sex-slave human trafficking industry and prostitution. For many the path is not chosen but it is forced by a kidnapping, abduction, domestic violence, or an abusive relationship. Even worse is when this tragedy happens to teens and young people resulting in unwanted pregnancies or rape.

Recorded October 12-14 2012, Portland, Oregon


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