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Youth dance projects can be a bit of a mixed bag. They are heavily dependent on the commitment of the choreographers, the enthusiasm and skill of the participants and the organisational skills of the er.............. organisers!

When all of these things come together in a positive way you end up with a project that looks a lot like MKT Raw 2007 (sequel to MKT Raw 2006 I believe! Ed!)

Three dance makers were given 10 days to work with a group of almost 60 dancers using three different styles all addressing a common theme. Helen Parlor created the contemporary work 'Bound', Nikki O'Hara put together the jazz work 'I'll Make It' and Andy Instone did the honours for 'Pain Passion Progress', the evenings hip hop work.

And just what is the common thread that holds these works together you may ask? Well if you can guess we'll give you a prize, otherwise don't worry about it too much!

MKT Raw stands out because the dance makers took the time to create complex, effective work and the dancers, both young and relatively inexperienced, displayed enourmous skill, flair and stage presence to really pull of the evenings performance.

They were also dancing on a fairly enormous stage, in Milton Keynes Theatre, but the dancers remained un-phased and the audience attending both shows lapped it up.

Overall the show illustrated, very effectively, that just because time is limited and the dancers are "young people" it doesn't have to be patronising rubbish!

'Pain Passion Progress' is performed by; Diana Babei, Jessica Benjamin, Robyn Bevan, Rachele Carr, Stephanie Carr, Kathryn Chamberlain, Jonathon Davies, Montana Darby, Rebecca Holman, Sigourney Hulme, Gina James, Robbie Lasenby, Casey McDonald, Jade Morand, Sophie Newton, Sade Palmer, Bethany Sawyers, Ashley Shackell, Sophie Sheills, Fiona Silverthorn, Becky Wallace, Sophie Watson, Alex Wrigley and Melissa Wyley


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