Experimental film and video festival

A videopoem tryptich by Swoon for the poems 'Disturbance in the Maze', 'Wailing Wall Crumbs' and 'Ghostless Blues (The story of Vladimir K.)' by Donna Vorreyer.

(play on large screen and keep a distance)

The three poems were written by Donna on a visual and aural prompt by Swoon (he also provided the titles as a hint or obstacle. By letting the three films guide her in the writing of the poems she gave the experimental films a story throughout her poems. And that was the experiment in the first place. I only added a few images or made additional cuts according to the reading or the poem.

Words & Voice: Donna Vorreyer
Concept, camera, editing & music: Swoon

Disturbance in the Maze

weave your way through the trees
leave the ridges of your fingertips
against the rough and ridged bark

these fingerprints will be your thread
follow each turn and twist-oh, Theseus -
halo bursts of light then closed doors

opening and shutting of some god’s eye
hands; windows -no closer to the end
and then again: the trees the light

Wailing Wall Crumbs

footsteps marching in ghost silhouette
a right-facing parade to push prayers
and penance into cracks between stones

until the stones crumble to dust, to pebbled
concrete, to a gray day on a puddled beach
a railing with no pockets for your sorrow

hang your petitions on branches and turn
back toward the sacred ground until all
your words are only pulses in the mist

Ghostless Blues (Story of Vladimir K.)

he chases the prayers of the trees
they crumble beneath his fingertips

in the frantic whirlwind of air but
he keeps typing, madman panic

with a net whose holes are too large
and the whispers drift straight up

into the blue black eye of god, of sky
then a dripping, a slowing, then:


j vimeo.com/44211606

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