Nordlyd is a development project seeking to make possible a pilot version of a
platform for exchanging mediated experiences of the acoustic everyday
environments of the Nordic region and Baltic countries. The subject of acoustic
environments and environmental soundart is seen in f.x. field recording practices
and various art installations and performances where audience can experience a
soundscape being “taken” from its original place and played back in another place
and time. Environmental soundart is popular and has an immediate interest on
most people, since it deals with the everyday and has recognizable social, political
and cultural interfaces. The underlying motivation for Nordlyd is to make possible
our awareness of the connections between sound and space, and how we in a
creative manner can use mediation of experienced sound to redefine our
connection to space and each others acoustic spatiality. Nordlyd aims to stage
these positive characteristics in a series of live settings where audience and artists
across the Nordic and Baltic region can simultaneously exchange soundscapes
between different geografical identities, hereby creating a temporary and
performative moment where a simultaneous consciousness arises between
several localities.
This pilot version will work as a point of departure for a similar, but greater project
aiming at Digital 2015/16. We will develop a complete platform that can serve as a
package to easily adapt for a cultural institution, artist or civic group etc. Our greater
aim is to setup as many platforms as possible throughout the Nordic region and
Baltic countries, in order to make a series of huge simultaneous, interactive digitally
network based soundscape exchange sessions and performances.


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