A-Cam dll

This is a very early demonstration of Cinema DNG Transcoding in my new software.

I was inspired to recreate the look of vimeo.com/48425327
The screen was captured in real time with no editing.
Rendering without GPU or multiprocessing.

For those who are interested, you can subsribe for a newsletter by sending an email to: roald@ccgnet.de
Software release, Mac version planned in september/october 2012.

Examples on vimeo:
vimeo.com/48876411 - BMCC footage, Afterglow
vimeo.com/48869776 - Ikonoskop A-Cam dII footage, Coffee
vimeo.com/48863938 - BMCC footage, Punching Bag

Some features:
32 bit floating point rendering, adjustable debayering algorithm, CDL for red/green/blue/lumina, 3D LUT, color adjustment via HSV curves, waveform scope, film stock and grain simulation, output to Apple ProRes or image sequences, 16 bit Tiff export, project/clip/render management ...

j vimeo.com/48886514

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