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  1. Raiders of the Lost Park

    by Renée Slater

    9 Videos / 6 Members

    videos against the destruction of a beautiful green spaces in the centre of towns & cities. The organisation fighting this vandalism is Friends Of Union Terrace Gardens friendsofutg.org/​ The…

  2. Kids R Us

    by Paul Davis

    2,760 Videos / 752 Members

    Do you have funny, inspiring, or creative video of your kids? Share them with us. It's like our kids' video birthday parties, without the scary clown.

  3. PR2 Laser Technology

    by PR2 Laser Technology

    8 Videos / 1 Member

    A PR2 é uma empresa inovadora no mercado de equipamentos a laser na América do Sul. Formada por profissionais altamente qualificados, a PR2 tem como objetivo todo o tipo de necessidade…

  4. Setla Productions

    by Setla Productions

    7 Videos / 2 Members


    by JAVI vzw

    13 Videos / 2 Members

  6. NLG International Committee

    by Eric Sirotkin's Ubuntuworks

    5 Videos / 0 Members

    The NLG International Committee supports legal work around the world "to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests." As lawyers, law students, and…

  7. Foursquare Missions

    by Jason Maloney

    6 Videos / 3 Members

    This group is for all those who are called to Missions. When we leave the walls of the church we are in our mission field whether it be Global, or Urban, Missions is the heart of our Saviour.

  8. Disney Channel Fans!!!

    by Kayla Green

    2 Videos / 5 Members

    This is a group i designed just for all you Disney Channel fans out there!!! Post all your videos that have anything to do with Disney Channel or people on it!! Please join if you like Disney!

  9. PIFS - Harvard Law School Program on International Financial System Commemorative Videos

    by Chris Wells

    17 Videos / 6 Members

    Collected Videos from Harvard Law Schools Program on International Financial Systems--Creating the Financial System for the 21st Century Videos from the US-Japan Symposia and US-China Symposia…

  10. Acoustic Guitar Group

    by Gitaarsalon

    1,103 Videos / 348 Members

    This group was made for all ACOUSTIC guitars. Feel free to add your own videos.

  11. RYLA Speeches

    by Kyle Tresner

    11 Videos / 11 Members

    A place for semi-finalists of the First Annual RYLA Alumni Speech/Essay Contest to upload a video of their speech. Good luck Contestants! You all have done a superb job so far. Remember to connect…

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