The National Memorial Cemetery is @ 1 min or in #99 @

This class 169 was started by Jada Fire(d) who caused me to 86 porn on 10-6-11, (I forgave her @ 1:15 & 1:21 in L109 @ The 86 only lasted to 3-17-12 when I got porn back in L94 @ but this is still a good I LOVED YOU GOODBYE that will eventually stick to the porn business.

At 168 & 169:
I found a divine sign in piss porn that I labeled as “piss in boots” because it confirmed that women had been branded as “dumb broads”. The "forces of evil" tried to contradict this divine sign with the new movie PUSS IN BOOTS. Then porn got 86ed again after I got flipped off one too many times which reminded me of a song that warned "when you got a tender love you don't take care of then you better beware of THE HAPPENING", (by The Supremes @ 19 min). Except when I looked up the lyrics I saw they had already made a movie called THE HAPPENING, (to contradict the lyrics to that song), starring Mark Wahberg. The point is they will spend a fortune to defend their lies and to mock the truth away. Wahberg also starred in Boogie Nights about the porn business, (maybe the worst movie I’ve ever seen and I explain why @ 22 to 28 min). William H. Macy committed homicide and suicide in Boogie Nights but he was MUCH BETTER in SEABISCUIT which is hopefully a sign that there will be a MUCH BETTER movie made about porn.

I was hoping that God would bless us with a visit from heaven in this 169 if I put America’s heros first (@ 1 to 15 min) and that’s exactly what happened. One reason that is so important to God is because it’s impossible to comprehend all that God has done for us but a very good parallel is to pay proper respect to the sacrifices of American heros, (or any heros of faith like Ghandi or Bible heros). This 169 was the start of the AWESOME military magic in classes 161, 99, L109, L112 & L123 and all because I loved porn so much that I thought up a new angle to beg God to bless us with a visit. See how impressed God was with me @ 8 min in L5b

Class 185:
Watching porn had been 86ed for 3.5 years but I got porn back on 7-6-11 after I made this class 185. I got about 10,000 pornos because it was such an awesome improvement in the quality and quantity of sex and the ease downloading free porn verses the old days of buying porn on VCR tapes and then on DVDs. An example of how bad it was is I used to have a saying "if you're not getting ripped off then you're not buying porn". Except now the improvement was so awesome that I was like a kid in a (eye) candy store. [See L123 @ 1:20 hrs @ and @ 22 to 28 min is the proof I have that "the one" (me) and the porn business were a perfect match, it's also told in the rated X version of 206 @]

I praised this awesome improvement in porn in classes 180, 182, 198 & 199, then there's me still trying to help clean up the porn business in this 169 and classes L5a, L1d, L94, L97, L124, etc, @
God was so clever to let me suffer the bad treatment in porn from 2004 to 2014 until I finally found out that awesome breakthrough in better porn was all on the one’s (my) behalf. Because I was so humble about it @ 1 to 9 min in L127F which mega compounds their sins of flipping me off and mocking me as YOU'RE SO VAIN to steal credits for this awesome improvement in porn hence they're as bad as my ex-wife (below) as evil ingrates.

Since I still have 10,000 pornos it's not a sacrifice for me to stop downloading new porn but the point is I hold the porn business to a stricter standard than the rest of the mass media, (see below). I expect better treatment from porn especially after how much I've defended porn like in this 169 @ 29 min or in class 103 @ 1 to 12 min @ I also have a saying “you can't argue with the devil you can only accommodate her” and the porn business lived down to that evil level again in what I wrote at L1D
I've been boycotting the media for 8 years by January 2015 because they’re as 666 evil as THE FBI in #99 @ 1 to 4 min and in L127c @ 3 to 15 min There is a song that asks “how do you think he does it?” it by THE WHO called “that deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean Pinball”, it’s #31@

I explain my classes are over at AND HERE AT
32 min because the PORN business is like my ex: you're TOO EVIL and stupid to be my partner.
From the song LAUGH, LAUGH: "you thought you were TOO GOOD you had a lot of nerve".
PRAYER is the Bottom Line of my calling, (&^yours^PORN @^1, 4 & 11min


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