The goal is to discourage sex dialog taboos by entertainingly representing a worst case scenario where culture is the sole source of sex education.

The subject (interviewee), because of his Aspergers comes off as the epitome of pore interpersonal communication he has been raised solely on information (non primary sources) from predigested then broadcasted information about sex and relationships. The animation aims to make the point that the way we speak (or not speak) about sex in our culture is degenerating and unhealthy. It for example may lead people to believe vaginas seal up if not used for a period of about three months (not good for gender relations).

The point is not meant to be openly addressed in the animation because I believe direct arguments puts people on defense and immediately distances non like minded people (those you want to reach) It is instead best to give people an opportunity to infer this, which also allows space for people to add their own values and experiences.

Entertainment worthy to quote in daily banter will stick with people and is the best chance for communicating a message with change potential.

The deadline for this project is May first 2013

Animation is necessary because it helps illustrate the "power moments" (visual nonintrusive prioritization of the verbal moments highlighting the submersed sex conversation point)

Animation lends to a problem/opportunity to spread the conversation across many artist. Each with their own opinions and storytelling techniques. Obviously animation is time-consuming (In words only a poet could construct). The work will be lessened by breaking it up into 30 seconds too 2 minutes per artist (meaning Ill need several artist). Some animation techniques require more time than others (clay animation comes to mind) although techniques like that aren't necessary, (even if that's what had me contact you) when I looked for the best animators, I chose more for ability to tell story not animation artistry. I want the artist to have a lot of freedom in choosing how they work (this for a lot of reasons including to save time by choosing a doodle technique for instance). I hope it isn't a ignorant or offensive thought that generally animation can be made easier by "dumbing down the complexity or detail in the visuals" If so I apologize I'm a new student to this field.

All in all this project needs to enter the world, I believe that too the very core of my being but I can't do it alone, a problem at first. But now after speaking with some of the animation community I see this as an incredible opportunity for collaboration between animators piecing together the same story and for me being involved with such talented individuals that love what they do. I am also learning toonboom so that I can through my two cents in.



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