Vietnam is at the last paragraph except for this: A by product of the antiwar protesters is that it caused a lack of respect for God and country that didn’t get cured until after the 911 disaster. It's explained in L105 @ 1-4 min, (with JERIMIAH WAS A BULLFROG because L105 is hard to follow and so is this 202).

This class 202 about Japan’s earthquake and tsunami on 3-10-11 has parts about the FBI disgracing the American flag here in Chinatown as one of the causes of it and by 3-14 I finally started to believed it.
A year later I got a new insight in my Bible notes on page 47 at,
Psalms 32:6 Therefore, let all the godly pray to you while there is still time, that they may not drown in the floodwaters of judgment.

I watched a Japan tsunami video at my on 4-26-12 and noticed some towns looked like Hiroshima or Nagasaki did, (leveled by the atomic bomb or by the tsunami), and I already knew that a mushroom cloud explosion at one of their nuclear power plants was a sign but it didn't click until today on 4-27-12. Again it was parallel the FBI disgracing the US flag and in class L5a at 45 min is where I had the boldness to say "nobody hates the one (me) and the USA like Japan does" as a reason for the "severe Japanese spanking", (that's the title of a porno at 51 min in L5a).

A play on words is "islander = I slander" which can get expensive to the islands of Japan because it seems they owed the USA a debt of gratitude and hence they got a "severe Japanese spanking". I'm guessing the debt that Japan owed the USA has been fully paid but @ 13 minutes I explain that the more you are in God's will the more you can clear a crisis without getting hurt, (or paying such a high price). Like the main reason why I believe we (the USA) got the 9/11 disaster was due to the lack of patriotism in America. The USA was an ingrate to the greatest generation who answered their call to duty after Pearl Harbor was attacked but "those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it" and that is the main reason why we got a repeat of Pearl Harbor on 9-11-01. Which reminds me of what I said about Korea in class 127o at 40 to 46 min @ I said Korea should stop holding a grudge against Japan for their WWII crimes because you become what you judge and Korea has already become as big an ingrate to the USA as Japan is, (that was on 4-23-09 and sort of a prediction and a confirmation of what I just learned here on 5-10-12). I also said that Korea could learn a lesson from the price Japan and the USA has payed for being ingrates but I just found a much bigger example in the Vietnam War.

Before I tell you this new revelation about the Vietnam War I'm going to explain a parallel of it in my own life, it's the luck that prophets have that God puts us through parallel experiences so we can understand and explain things better. On 9-3-13 I got a loud and clear sign about the Big Dipper that heaven had offered to women through me living in Hawaii and it was that there was not a snowballs chance in hell that it would fly from when it was first offered over 20 years ago in 1993, (starting with three Ms Rights I tried to marry in Hawaii in 1993). I said "for over 20 years you knew this and just tell me about it now?". Then it was obvious the reason why they didn't tell me was because I tried my hardest when I thought there was a chance that they might come through. It seems that is the same trick that God played on the United States in the Big Dipper that was offered to rescue South Vietnam from been taken over by the communists. Heaven knew they would not come through with gratitude for the US and still be prejudiced against US which would cause US to back out of that war. Again it's obvious that the USA would not have tried so hard and long to win that war, (in America's longest war), if you knew that they were not going to come through. Which is unfortunate for the draft dodgers and the antiwar protesters because they could've got out of that war the right and legal way but did it by cheating instead. It's one of those "oh ye of little faith" things where the crisis you were trying to avoid would've disappeared if you could've trusted the Lord to find an easy and noble path for you. I'm proof of that because I'm too disabled to work but faith in God got me living on welfare and then on Social Security and in public housing in Chinatown in Hon, Hi for over 17 years now. In the last patriotic classes I've made, (@ Vimeo are L109, L112 & L123), my respect for the USA has grown to total awe of how great this country is. Which is probably why I (and you) were not worthy of this info until now, (I hoped it was 80% correct and #206 at confirmed it was more).


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