"There ain't no party like a Spaghettifest Party, cuz a Spaghettifest Party don't stop..."

Midnight Spaghetti Productions and Cave House Studios present Spaghettifest 5 - a non-stop musical tour of Midnight Spaghetti's annual charitable music festival near Harrisonburg, VA.

Skank it to reggae band The Transmitters' "Orange Street", then get live to The Afromotive's "Lies". Followed on Saturday by the high impact of The Pietasters, Murphy's Kids, Freekbass, and the ever-funky antics of Midnight Spaghetti and the Chocolate G-Strings.

If you love music than Spaghettifest is for you, with a final band count of 20+ bands featured. Other bands in the line-up include:

- Shane Hines
- Jounce
- Future
- Rubberlegs
- Ryan Villanueva
- The Nationwide
- DJ Maskell
- McLaws Dr.
- Unfortunate Sons
- Electric Baby
- Dangus Khan
- Intense City
- The Dixie Jims

For a DVD copy of the event - visit

Spaghettifest is an annual charitable weekend music fest held at Natural Chimney's Park in Mt. Solon, Virginia, near Harrisonsburg. Preparations are underway for this year's "Spaghettifest 6" on September 26-28. Headliners for this year include Scratch (of the Roots), a return from Afromotive and Murphy's Kids; another huge party thrown by Midnight Spaghetti. For a full schedule of Spaghettifest 6 visit


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