Stockshots Bali at Pond5

Bali Babies are not considered to be “human” until they are 210 days old. When a child is born, he is believed to be the reincarnation of a released ancestor. Mother and baby are considered to be in a state of spiritual impurity.
We were invited by this Bali Candidasa Family to celebrate the first ‘Oton’ of Baby Ketut (=#4) Agus (=boy) Wirasantika. They started preparations at 03.30 am on March 3rd 2009. The Bali Baby Baptism was after the Tooth Filing Ceremony (Matatah) see:

During a Bali Baby Baptism, a Brahman Priest dedicates offerings to the Sun God and the Five Great Elements of Demons. Similar to Christian christenings or baptism, the child is also touched by holy water. After that he is allowed to have his feet touch the earth after his first half year been carrying around!

Camera Sony FX1000
MBL settings tips thankx to Philip Bloom


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