Short non-fiction film about two Afghani asylum seekers who met travelling from France to UK in the lorry, sharing each other's dreams and hope for better future in the UK, Journey from Afghanistan to the UK, what sort of problems he faced, what he lost during his journey, what he achieved being in the UK. but their life took an extraordinary turn.

Director: Emal Khan
Writer: Steven Coad
Producers: Emal Khan and Nigel Moore
Co-Producer: Philip Kempsom
Starring: Miwais Jalil, Katab Shinwair, Zamary Hakimiy, Muhammed Iqbal, John Williams, Dore Robinson, Josh Nixon, and Dixy Jr
Music: Christoph Rauch
Sound Editing and Operators: Lydia St Philip, Matt Melling, and Ruairi Cahill
Boom Operator: Kurtis Grant
Lighting Operator/ Director of Photography: Dan Barlow
Visual Artist: Philip Kempsom
Production Assistants: Kurtis Grant and Lydia St Philip
Production Drivers: Atac Khan, Aimal Khan, and Zam Khan
Narrative Editor: Ashutosh Jaiswal
Storyboard Artist: Woody Woodmass
Camera Operators: Dan Barlow, Emal Khan, and Matt Melling
Camera Assistant: Kurtis Grant


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